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> Then why 'offset' and 'count' parameters have a different data type?

Because offsets can be negative (e.g. for lseek), while a size can't.
That's why 'count' is size_t, not ssize_t.

>> Furthermore, since sendfile actually supports only regular file and regular
>> files don't support non-blocking I/O, it's unlikely to ever happen.
> EAGAIN is caused by the socket fd not being ready yet, not the file fd.
> Please try the patch before making such assumptions.

I didn't see the socket could be set to non-blocking.

In that case, there's a problem with the patch, since select can block
arbitrarily long because it doesn't take the socket timeout into

Also, apparently socket.sendall() doesn't retry on EAGAIN, it doesn't
The risk of false positive (EAGAIN after select reported ready)
shouldn't be as bad as for sendto(), since usually you'll just get a
partial write for a stream oriented socket, but this could be bad for
e.g. a SCTP socket (since it's message-oriented).

>  We're going OT here.

I'm leaving this topic, you can do as you like...
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