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R. David Murray,

You are right it is not specific to the client library. HTTP headers are part of the message (Request/Response) with both the same constraints. Constraints are put on receivers (receiving a message) and senders (sending a message) of the message (which is not specifically related to client or server).

Maybe the way forward in the future is to have a header factory shared by all HTTP libs? I noticed that http.client and http.server had similar issues: 

in http.server
in http.client

Which are similar features aka constructing headers for sending with the message. 

And what would be the elegant way to solve this current bug?

Ah… before I forget… The WG is having a meeting in 2 weeks. To make a summary of the HTTPBIS work. See the agenda.

The current documents are in Last Call with no issues unresolved.

So if R. David is worried that it will change, we can wait a bit more before taking actions, if we are going the way of removing leading/trailing spaces.
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