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I can reproduce the issue, but only from the interactive interpreter while using input() directly (Linux/py3).
I tried the following things:

$ ./python -c 'print("\x1b[31;1mthis is a bold red prompt> \x1b[m", end=""); input()'
$ ./python -c 'input("\x1b[31;1mthis is a bold red prompt> \x1b[m");'
>>> print("\x1b[31;1mthis is a bold red prompt> \x1b[m", end=""); input()
>>> input("\x1b[31;1mthis is a bold red prompt> \x1b[m")

In the first 3 cases once I reach the end of the line, the text went on a new line.  In the last case it started writing over the prompt instead of going on a newline, and once it reached the end of line again it went on a newline correctly.
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