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That was silly of me. What I /meant/ to say was that, for this specific report, it's functioning as expected. However, the logic in LWPCookieJar isn't entirely correct. As noted in the comments from libwww-perl, the reported URL is in fact, an invalid LWP cookie. What's missing is the logic to deal with other, valid cookies. 

domain_specified = domain.starts_with('.') is incorrect as a four part domain name (a.b.c.d) /is/ a valid LWP domain.

This should likely be patched.

Another question that I have though, is why is LWPCookieJar even part of the stdlib? It's relatively well documented that it is not known to be compatible with any browser. I'm curious as to how heavily used it is and what the rational was to include it (dev might be a better place to ask this, I'm not sure).
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