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My day job these days is to work on the Beaker test system (

I realised today that it actually includes a direct parallel to Antoine's proposed subtest concept: whereas in unittest, each test currently has exactly one result, in Beaker a given task may have *multiple* results. The overall result of the task is then based on the individual results (so if any result is a failure, the overall test is a failure).

"tasks" are the smallest addressable unit in deciding what to run, but each task may report multiple results, allowing fine-grained reporting of what succeeded and what failed.

That means there's a part of Antoine's patch I disagree with: the change to eliminate the derived "overall" result attached to the aggregate test. I think Beaker's model, where there's a single result for the overall task (so you can ignore the individual results if you don't care), and the individual results are reported separately (if you do care), will make it easier to provide something that integrates cleanly with existing test runners.

The complexity involved in attempting to get expectedFailure() to behave as expected is also a strong indication that there are still problems with the way these results are being aggregated.
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