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Date 2013-02-21.12:47:58
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It would be nice if datetime.time would be possible to add a delta to a datetime.time object, and if datetime.time had a method for returning the current time (just like and date time.datetime have 'today' and 'now' methods).

Rationale for the '+' operator: calculating the wall clock time some time after an time on an unspecified date. The easy solution would be:

   tm = datetime.time(13, 20)
   later = tm + datetime.timedelta(hours=5, minutes=44)

That's is currently not possible, but requires more complicated code.

Getting the current time without date information currently requires getting done with '', a class method of 'datetime.time' would IMHO be nicer. I must admit that I don't have a good suggestion for the name of that method.
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