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When using the Python 2.7.3 re module, it shows a strange behavior upon the use of quantifiers together with groups:

>>>'(a*)', 'caaaat').groups()
>>>'(a+)', 'caaaat').groups()
>>>'(a{0,5})', 'caaaat').groups()
>>>'(a{1,5})', 'caaaat').groups()

Whenever a quantifier is used that allows also zero occurrences, the quantifier loses its greedy behavior. This in my eyes is a defect in the re module. In the following there is another example with nested groups where the quantifier for the outer group even prevents the inner groups to match:

>>>'(a(b*)a)', 'caabbaat').groups()
('aa', '')
>>>'(a(b+)a)', 'caabbaat').groups()
('abba', 'bb')
>>>'(a(b*)a){0,1}', 'caabbaat').groups()
(None, None)
>>>'(a(b+)a){0,1}', 'caabbaat').groups()
(None, None)

It would be great if you could manage to fix this.
Thank you in advance.

Hendrik Lemelson
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