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> Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 4:25 PM
> Subject: [issue17254] add thai encoding aliases to encodings.aliases
> Thanks.
> Something is wrong with your request, though:
> * we already have an iso8859_11 code, so aliasing it to some
>   other name is not possible
> * we already have an cp874 code, so aliasing it to some
>   other name is not possible
> * cp874 differs from iso8859_11 in a few places, so aliasing
>   cp874 is not possible (see 

Sorry about that.
> What we could do is add aliases 'x-ibm874' and 'windows_874' to
> 'cp874'. I'm not sure whether 'ibm874' and 
> 'x-ibm874' are the same
> thing. The references only mention 'x-ibm874'.

The following document says the following are aliases: x-IBM874, cp874, ibm874, ibm-874, 874
In addition it seems that 'windows_874' is used (that's the one that raised this issue for me), but I've also seen references of windows-874, windows874 , WIN874:
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