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Date 2013-02-18.08:14:20
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Some background: I hit this problem when adding Python 3 compatibility 
to one of my libraries, where I had the following code:

from types import ClassType
class_ = ClassType(n, (sometype, ), dict(class_attr1='foo', 

It wasn't at all clear how to port this to Python 3, given that 
ClassType was gone.

types.new_class looks fair game, but the help is not exactly helpful:

new_class(name, bases=(), kwds=None, exec_body=None)
     Create a class object dynamically using the appropriate metaclass.

No indication there as to what type should be passed for kwds or exec_body.

I guessed and, by the sound of it, guessed wrong.
I'd certainly agree that the error message is very misleading.


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