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Date 2013-02-16.00:04:23
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RFC 2821 says:

   command line
      The maximum total length of a command line including the command
      word and the <CRLF> is 512 characters.  SMTP extensions may be
      used to increase this limit.

   reply line
      The maximum total length of a reply line including the reply code
      and the <CRLF> is 512 characters.  More information may be
      conveyed through multiple-line replies.

   text line
      The maximum total length of a text line including the <CRLF> is
      1000 characters (not counting the leading dot duplicated for
      transparency).  This number may be increased by the use of SMTP
      Service Extensions.

I suggest a response limit of 2048 octets (that is four times the max limit) to be on the safe side for a bugfix release.
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