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Date 2013-02-14.03:56:51
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I just stumbled across this issue in looking for another issue, and this turns out to be of interest to me as well.  As such, I've updated sorin's patch to apply to the current default branch, added the same kind of change to the new-since-then clean-amd64.bat, and fixed a bug in the initial patch to external-common.bat--it had been doing 'cd /D "%~dp0\.."' instead of "%~dp0\..\..\..".  It also looks like my editor stripped some trailing whitespace in a couple of files.

A much larger change that I made was to switch to using pushd/popd to make the initial dir change, and to return to the calling dir.  It strikes me as good practice not to change directory without warning simply by calling a batch file.  Alternately, things could be switched back to cd /D instead of pushd, and switch popd to "echo Leaving you in %CD%..." just to give some notice of the change.

I can't test whether the change would affect the buildbots, but it doesn't look like it should.  I have tested calling each file from several locations, including the root of the source tree, and everything seems to work as expected.

I will also be attaching a patch that also moves external*.bat into PCbuild as Martin suggested, as that does seem a more natural place for them.
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