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Date 2013-02-12.06:14:33
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The implementations for LOAD_FAST, STORE_FAST, and DELETE_FAST don't check that the index is <= the size of fastlocals.  So it's a snap to crash the interpreter with hand-written bytecode, by going past the end of the fastlocals array.  Kaboom!

Attached is a program that demonstrates a crash with each of LOAD_FAST, STORE_FAST, and DELETE_FAST.  These all crashed 2.7, 3.2, 3.3, and a recent trunk.  (Well, two exceptions: LOAD_FAST and DELETE_FAST didn't crash 3.2.  Given the behavior, my suspicion is not that 3.2 is hardened, just that there's something dopey with my thrown-together test.)

It could be that this is not an interesting bug, that policy suggests that anyone who can write their own bytecode is a Consenting Adult.  You tell me.
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