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Date 2013-02-11.23:54:43
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Python 3.3 added a nice new feature: if you don't supply enough positional parameters to a function, it tells you the names of the positional parameters you omitted.

Unfortunately, the code that prints this error message assumes that the function is well-formed.  If I manually create a function using types.CodeType and types.FunctionType, and I don't provide enough entries in the types.CodeType  "varnames" parameter to satisfy all the positional parameters, and I call the resulting function with insufficient parameters, Python crashes.

I've attached a sample script that demonstrates this crash.  I can reproduce it with both 3.3.0 and a recent trunk.  Since this feature wasn't in 3.2 or before, the bug doesn't seem to exist in those versions; I couldn't reproduce with 3.2 or 2.7.

The crash occurs in missing_arguments() in Python/ceval.c, line 3256 in trunk.  The function calls PyTuple_GET_ITEM on the co_varnames tuple without checking that it has sufficient entries.  It gets a crazytown pointer, calls PyObject_Repr on it, and boom.

I've attached a band-aid patch which prevents the crash, but this is almost certainly not the fix we want.  Perhaps types.CodeType should refuse to generate the malformed code object in the first place?
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