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Deprecating pkg/ and having coexist with pkg/ was on the table in an earlier proposal (PEP 402).  In that case pkg/ would have been tried first for backward compatbility (until eliminated in Python 4 or whenever).  PEP 420 (namespace packages) took a more conservative approach, leaving the question of coexisting with pkg/ on the table.

I still find the idea appealing of replacing pkg/ with simply + pkg/.  PEP 402 outlines the rationale pretty well.  Considering that PEP 420 made packages legal, deprecating isn't a huge leap.  The challenge of deciding if a directory is a package is tricky when there is not marker (like is), but PEP 420 already tackled that for the most part.

Regardless, it would definitely require a new PEP (likely derived from 402) and some caution, especially since you could argue that people may be relying on the current precedence policy.  It would also take a little bit of work for the implementation, and a bunch of work to make sure the stdlib is happy.
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