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Author giampaolo.rodola
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Date 2013-02-07.18:00:31
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LineTooLong should be added to ftplib.all_errors.
4096 looks enough to me.
The longest lines I can think of occur when processing MLSD command which produces an output of like this:

type=file;size=156;perm=r;modify=20071029155301;unique=801cd2; music.mp3
type=dir;size=0;perm=el;modify=20071127230206;unique=801e33; ebooks

Considering that the file names listed in there are forced to consist of base names (as opposed to *full* path names) I doubt we'll ever hit 4096.
In pyftpdlib I used 2048 bytes.
I can't recall any reference about this in any FTP-related RFC.
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