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Author rhettinger
Date 2003-09-13.23:19:54
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Okay, let's apply the two-step problem solving approach.  
First, declare the problem impossible to solve.  Then, propose 
a solution ;-)

The attached patch is a proof-of-concept.  It teaches 
PyObject_SetItem to use an attribute lookup for super 
objects whenever a direct table lookup fails.

If the approach is approved, the final version of the patch 
should also address PyObject_GetItem and other ways that 
the attribute lookup mechanism can be bypassed. Also, the 
test for super can be improved by adding PySuper_Check() 
to the typeobject.c API.

Of course, there is also the question as to whether fixing this 
is a bug or a feature.  It does enable a whole set of programs 
to run under Py2.3.1 and Py2.2.4 that would not run under 
Py2.3.0 and Py2.2.3.
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