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Anatoly, please stop playing with the headers. It is meaningless and irritating, especially when you set them wrong. The 3.5 choice is for issues that will *not* apply before then. An example is actually making a change warned about in a deprecation warning. 3.2 will soon see its last regular bugfix release. The main purpose of the headers is to help developers develop and apply a patch. The secondary purpose is serve as history and to inform users.

As I explained in my email to you
1. The OP meant for this to be a code bug report.
2. This was properly closed as an invalid bug report. So there will be no code patch. So the headers have no use except as history.
3. I do believe the doc should be changed, *and* I believe it should be a new issue. If I do open one, I will try to remember to add it here as superseder.
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