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> The current API doesn't seem like a good building block because it
> bundles orthogonal features (i.e. to add loop failure data to a block
> of asserts you have to use the continuance feature).  Why not expose
> *those* as the building blocks?  The API can be something like--
>     with self.addMessage(msg):
>         # Add msg to the longDescription of any assertion failure
> within.
>     with self.continueTest(msg=''):
>         # Keep running the TestCase on any assertion failure within.
> (The current subTest() is basically equivalent to continueTest() with
> a specialized message.  It could be added, too, if desired.)
> Accepting a string message is more basic and flexible than allowing
> only a **kwargs dict, which seems a bit "cute" and specialized to me.

I've already replied to all this.
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