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Author vstinner
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Date 2013-01-29.12:54:24
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New patch:

 - sys.setdefaultcloexec() takes again an argument, so sys.setdefaultcloexec(False) is allowed
 - add cloexec parameter to select.devpoll(), select.kqueue() and select.epoll()
 - when a function accepts a file name and a file descriptor: the cloexec parameter is ignored if the argument is a file descriptor (it was already done for open(), but not for socket.socket on Windows)
 - revert enhancements using cloexec=True to simplify the patch: will be done in another issue
 - fix various bugs in error handling (close newly created file descriptors on error)
 - release the GIL when calling the os: os.urandom(), os.pipe(), os.dup(), etc.
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