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Date 2013-01-27.02:49:40
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I wasn't pushing it anymore because there seemed to be no interest and Antoine attitude made me lose interest in contributing this.  No one liked to comment on my approach except Antoine and I had grown tired of his persistent negativity and aloof manners.  I might as well say that here that it is this kind of feedback that has turned me away from contributing to the project on several occations.  At CCP we have a heavily patched version of python that we have modified throug time to deal with real world projects.  I (and my company) genuinely like to contribute some of those improvements back to the trunk and regularly make efforts to do so (e.g. by taking the time and effort to port to python 3) but often they are met with with almost hostile negativity.  I hope, for the sake of Python, that I am the only contributor meeting this kind of attitude.

Antoine, please take the time to read what I posted here again.  I had a working patch, used in production. I uploaded, it, but when I got back home realized that an unrelated change was part of it.  Unable to change it from there I asked politely that you disregard that "unrelated" change while looking at the _substance_ of patch.  As you know, I am a committer and will polish things before checking them in, as anyone does.
How is that rude?  

The patch still stands. I on a poor internet in a Chinese hotel and will attempt to download and edit the patch so that the irrelevant change to the PC build solution should no longer need to hinder anyone from reading it.
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