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Author eli.bendersky
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Date 2013-01-26.13:46:48
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Eric, yes the key code in test_xml_etree that handles this is:

    def pickleRoundTrip(self, obj, name, dumper, loader):
        save_m = sys.modules[name]
            sys.modules[name] = dumper
            temp = pickle.dumps(obj)
            sys.modules[name] = loader
            result = pickle.loads(temp)
        except pickle.PicklingError as pe:
            # pyET must be second, because pyET may be (equal to) ET.
            human = dict([(ET, "cET"), (pyET, "pyET")])
            raise support.TestFailed("Failed to round-trip %r from %r to %r"
                                     % (obj,
                                        human.get(dumper, dumper),
                                        human.get(loader, loader))) from pe
            sys.modules[name] = save_m
        return result

Because pickle does its own import of ElementTree.

The test___all__ problem should be solved by a patch to issue #1674555, but having a separate mechanism in was discussed. I'll take a look at your decorator.
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