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about py3k-20121004-CROSS.tgz:

- committed 0001-CROSS-fix-typo-in-thread-AC_CACHE_VAL.patch

- 0002-CROSS-restore-graminit.-to-source-directory.patch
  is this necessary?  Assuming that you have correct time
  stamps, this is something which usually is not built during
  a cross build.

  Can we just have a shell script which touches some files
  so that you can cross-build even from the repository without
  building pgen?

  Do the release managers have such a script which is run
  when building a release?

- 0003-CROSS-restore-importlib-header-to-source-directory-a.patch

  Same as for 0002, using correct timestamps. The EXEEXT is a
  different issue. However I'm not sure what to use, EXEEXT,

- 0004-CROSS-restore-AST-to-source-directory.patch

  Same as for 0002. Btw, does this fail with a native out-of-tree
  build too?

- 0005-CROSS-revert-issue13150-i.e.-python-solution-with-_s.patch
  A comment like "The fix for issue #13150 is bogus and break
  everything" might not the best way to convince maintainers ...

  This works for me, and IMO should be dropped, or please explain
  why this doesn't work for you.

- 0006-CROSS-initialise-include-and-library-paths.patch
  Afaics, a similar patch is now applied. Can be dropped.

- 0007-CROSS-set-_PYTHON_PROJECT_BASE-to-current-build-dir.patch

- 0008-CROSS-use-_PYTHON_PROJECT_BASE-in-distutils-sysconfi.patch

- 0009-CROSS-pass-all-top-configure-arguments-to-libffi-con.patch

  Why is it needed to pass all configure args?

- 0010-CROSS-warn-only-if-readelf-is-not-in-host-triplet-fo.patch

  Why is this needed just for readelf? If you do have a cross
  toolchain installed, then this should be available with
  the triplet name, same as for gcc, as, ...

- 0011-CROSS-append-gcc-library-search-paths-instead-to-pre.patch

  Looks ok. Could you mention where this does make a difference,
  or do you just want to keep the search order as defined by
  the compiler?

- 0012-CROSS-avoid-ncursesw-include-path-hack.patch

  This would break cross-building in a multiarch environment.
  Maybe we need a --with-curses-incdir=<> option.

- 0013-CROSS-properly-detect-WINDOW-_flags-for-different-nc.patch
  This should be a separate issue. Not cross specific.

- 0014-CROSS-use-build-directory-as-root-for-regression-tes.patch
  why is this necessary?

- 0015-CROSS-test-tools-has-to-depend-only-from-location-of.patch
  Looks ok, but not cross specific. Could you file a separate issue?

- 0016-CROSS-reload-may-fail-with-operation-on-closed-file-.patch
  Looks like a separate issue.
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