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Date 2013-01-24.19:39:26
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I had an innocent question about the format to use when listing function arguments in docstrings.  In the PEP 257 doc, there's a single example:

    def complex(real=0.0, imag=0.0):
        """Form a complex number.

        Keyword arguments:
        real -- the real part (default 0.0)
        imag -- the imaginary part (default 0.0)

I went digging through Lib/ for a good example to follow, but felt a little unsure because the exact format seemed to differ ever so slightly sometimes.

Like in, a colon is used instead of two hyphens, and it's indented:

    def ip_address(address):
        """Take an IP string/int and return an object of the correct type.

            address: A string or integer, the IP address.  Either IPv4 or
              IPv6 addresses may be supplied; integers less than 2**32 will
              be considered to be IPv4 by default.

Is there an "ideal" example in the source to try to copy?  
(or maybe this is just a use-your-common-sense thing)
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