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Date 2013-01-20.21:54:51
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> That compiles (after hacking the line endings).  One Tulip test fails, 
> PollEventLooptests.testSockClientFail.  But that's probably because the 
> PollSelector class hasn't been adjusted for Windows yet (need to dig this 
> out of the Pollster code that was deleted when switching to neologix's 
> Selector).

Sorry I did not deal with this earlier.  I can make the modifications to PollSelector tommorrow.

Just to describe the horrible hack: every time poll() needs to be called we first check if there are any registered async connects.  If so then I first use select([], [], connectors) to detect any failed connections, and then use poll() normally.

This does mean that to detect failed connections we must never use too large a timeout with poll() when there are outstanding connects.  Of course one must decide what is an acceptable maximum timeout -- too short and you might damage battery life, too long and you will not get prompt notification of failures.
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