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Date 2013-01-16.21:13:43
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It has come to my attention that at least some mail agents apply postel's law to addresses like the following:

   From: "=?utf-8?Q?not_really_valid?=" <>

Since encountering something that looks like an encoded word but that is not is a very unlikely occurrence, we could go ahead and decode such strings, resulting in

   "not really valid" <>

a defect would be registered, and some sort of 'strict' policy mode could refuse to do the decode (as well as several other non-compliant patterns, such as encoded words not separated by whitespace).  I think the decoding should be the default, though.

This applies also to other headers where words or phrases can be quoted, such as in filenames.  I have also encountered the quoted-encoded-word-as-filename in the wild.
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