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Date 2013-01-14.20:17:10
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> What does this proposal bring exactly?

Unless we are willing to completely replace fds with handles on Windows, perhaps not too much.  (At one point I had assumed that that was the plan for py3k.)

Although not advertised, openhandle() does have a share_flags parameter to control the share mode of the file.  This makes it possible to delete files for which there are open handles.  Mercurial needs a C extension to support this.  regrtest could certainly benefit from such a feature.

But one thing that I would at least like to do is create a FileIO replacement for overlapped pipe/socket handles.  Then multiprocessing.Connection could be a simple wrapper round a file object, and most of the platform specific code in multiprocessing.connection can go away.

The current patch does not support overlapped IO, but that could be added easily enough.  (Overlapped IO for normal files might be more complicated.)
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