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Author doerwalter
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Date 2013-01-10.14:36:19
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I'd like to have this feature too. However the code should use

   d if d is not None else {}

instead of

   d or {}

For example I might want to use a subclass of dict (lowerdict) that converts all keys to lowercase. When I use an empty lowerdict in new_child(), new_child() would silently use a normal dict instead:

   class lowerdict(dict):
       def __getitem__(self, key):
           return dict.__getitem__(
               key.lower() if isinstance(key, str) else key
   import collections
   cm = collections.ChainMap(lowerdict(), lowerdict())
   cm2 = cm.new_child(lowerdict())

This would print <class 'dict'>.
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