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Date 2013-01-09.18:04:45
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- How shall we go forward?  I've made a variety of small changes to the Tulip version ( now.  Can you work those into a fresh unified patch for CPython 3.4?

- I tried making a single combined kqueue call in register(), and it caused the SSL test to hang, so I reverted that and changed my unregister code to make two syscalls as wel.  (This makes me think however that KqueueSelector should override modify() to avoid redundant syscalls when flipping only one of the two bits.)

- I'll change _Key to Key in the Tulip copy (though I wonder if maybe it should be a longer name -- 'Key' is rather generic).

- Are you going to implement the SELECT_CONNECT flag?

- Thanks for being so responsive!  It's great to be able to factor the selector functionality out of Tulip.

- Have you submitted a PSF contributor form yet?  (Probably yes, years ago, just making sure. :-)
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