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New iteration.

Open issues:

- Share code with the init method.  The issue with sharing code with either element_init() or create_new_element() would be malloc+realloc: unlike either of these methods, we know both the attributes and the number of children at allocation time, so we can allocate directly the right number of children.

- C<->Py Interchangeable pickling of TreeBuilder (per above msg).

Differences to previous version:

- Skip C<->Py interchangeability testing of TreeBuilder --- because that one started failing with:
  _pickle.UnpicklingError: state is not a dictionary
  It can probably be fixed, but I'd like to address the above question about pickling the factory first.

- Use __getstate__ rather than __reduce__ for Element.

- Make Element pickling interchangeable between c/py Element
  (set tp_name to "xml.etree.ElementTree.Element" and match the
  pickled format).
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