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Author wolfmanx
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Date 2012-12-31.17:42:48
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Thanks, works for me.

I only noted the discrepancy and did not give it much thought.
I will just implement a merge method on top of read_dict.
That gives me all options that could be desired :).

However, after implementing the entire compatibility layer, I found one more issue:

Using self.remove_section() changes the section order during an update.
I would prefer that the section be cleared instead of removed in order to preserve the section order. Since OrderedDict does indeed preserve the key order during update, I think that this does not violate the Mapping Protocol.

If this is not desired, just go ahead and close the issue.

See also attached example

OrderedDict does not change the order of keys upon .update():

    >>> od = OrderedDict((('section1', {}), ('section2', {})))

    >>> list(od.keys())
    ['section1', 'section2']

    >>> od.update((('section1', {}), ('section3', {})))

    >>> list(od.keys())
    ['section1', 'section2', 'section3']

But ConfigParser changes the order of sections upon .update():

    >>> cfg = configparser.ConfigParser()
    >>> cfg.update((('section1', {}), ('section2', {})))

    >>> cfg.sections()
    ['section1', 'section2']

    >>> cfg.update((('section1', {}), ('section3', {})))

    >>> cfg.sections()
    ['section2', 'section1', 'section3']
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