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Daniel is pretty much spot on, thanks for that!

Regarding the use case: I disabled IPv6 system wide when building
packages via gentoo's USE flag. I didn't do anything in order to
configure IPv6 or remove it. My local network interface having a local
link address is a result of that.

I've been told multiple times to fix my setup. And I said multiple
times that the setup is not at fault here.

> schmir expects that --disable-ipv6 would "really" disable IPv6
>  *everywhere* in Python, which is wrong. Python may still get IPv6
>  adddresses from getaddrinfo() if the system does somehow support
>  IPv6.

I did not say that. In fact I wrote in msg172729:

"""I didn't request that the switch disables any code that somehow deals
with IPv6. I'm just talking about that one function!"""

> Python may still get IPv6 adddresses from getaddrinfo() if the
> system does somehow support IPv6.

That would be nice. But that's currently not the case. see

haypo, you also keep talking of an initial problem, which you assume
must be there somewhere in my network - which I try to workaround with
--disable-ipv6. There is no problem on my side that I'm trying to
fix. It's just that I have disabled IPv6 via gentoo's USE flags, since
I don't use it. I've also been telling this multiple times, I don't
know why I'm being completely ignored here.

> "wont fix" is the correct status for this issue: we agree that there
>  is a bug, but it will not be fixed, because --disable-ipv6 is the
>  wrong solution.

again. it can't be a solution since there is no problem unless this
option is being used and then there's a problem in python.
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