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Date 2012-12-31.15:15:03
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On 31 Dec, 2012, at 15:59, Fabian Groffen <> wrote:

> Fabian Groffen added the comment:
> re: single quotes -> double quotes
> I made RUNSHARED consistent (although, as you point out, less broken) with the other RUNSHARED assignments right above.  If suggest to tackle the issue of whitespace support for all RUNSHARED assignments, not just Darwin case.

Maybe, but whitespace supporrt on OSX is more pressing than on regular Unix systems because users are more likely to create directory names with whitespace in them. 

> re: `pwd` vs. $(pwd)
> $ /bin/sh
> $ echo $(pwd)
> syntax error: `(' unexpected
> Here again, even though Darwin/OSX may be shipped with /bin/sh being bash (hence above problem not existing), for consistency, using `pwd` in all RUNSHARED assignments is nice, IMO.

Which shell doesn't have $(command) support?  It is not a bash-ism, but is part of the POSIX shell definition (but wasn't present in older sh implementations).
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