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Good work Jason,

I think it would be great if everyone could collaborate better with this stuff; I'm as guilty as the next person on that score though. I might have been able to save you some effort by pointing you at either: [Python cross and MinGW compilation]

or: [MinGW toolchains including Python pretty-printing GDB]

..there might be some patches in there that are useful for you. Both these projects use basically the same patches, the 'source' of them is crucifixion-freedom.

Our patching strategies are more sane (many patches as opposed to a monolithic patch - in fact, just after Roumen's huge patch we apply some patches to remove large parts of it so we can re-introduce those independent fixes via separate patches).

Both crucifixion-freedom and mingw-builds also provide patches for 2.7.3 and support building tkinter and IDLE. The unique feature of crucifixion-freedom is fairly comprehensive cross compilation capability ({Linux,Windows,Mac}*{32bit,64bit}).

Given how intrusive these patches are, getting them merged into CPython is a bit of a pipe dream (I'd love to be wrong about that), so making it as easy as possible for the interested parties to maintain (forward port), build, test and package Python releases is probably the best we can hope for. If we can make the patches small and independently reviewable then maybe some parts could be merged.
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