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Finally! I was able to get all building on mingw64, gcc 4.7.2, and python 3.3. I had to take everybody's work here a little further, and I have produced a new patch which will build python33 using the latest minw64 compiler in an msys environment.

I cloned the 3.3 branch and applied the latest patch available here, py3k-20121004-MINGW.patch. I had to make quite a few more updates to get all the modules compiling with 4.7.2 and python find all the modules in the correct paths in an msys/mingw64 environment. I've compiled another patch, which addresses all the latest issues.

For all interested, run my setup script from the following location:

Just open dos in admin mode and run setup.bat.

This will build all the required dependencies and finally python 3.3.
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