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Date 2012-12-26.15:43:14
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> This change is not backward compatible. Now user can mmap a larger file 
> and safely access lower 2 GiB. With the patch it will fail.

They should specify length=2GiB-1 if that is what they want.

With length=0 you can only access the lower 2GiB if "file_size % 4GiB > 2GiB".  If the file size is 4GiB+1 then you can only access *one byte* of the file.  And if "2GiB < file_size < 4GiB" then presumably len(data) will be negative (or throw an exception or fail an assertion -- I have not tested that case).  I would not be surprised if crashes are possible.

Basically if you had a "large" file and you did not hit a problem then it was Windows specific dumb luck.  I see no point in retaining such unpredictable behaviour.
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