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Date 2012-12-22.12:42:54
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This issue was just addressed by Nick's fix for issue 16581, specifically the following parts of :

+<> is a mailing list consisting of PEP editors.  All
+email related to PEP administration (such as requesting a PEP number
+or providing an updated version of a PEP for posting) should be sent to
+this address (no cross-posting please).
 Submitting a PEP
-The PEP editors assign PEP numbers and change their status.  Please send
-all PEP-related email to <> (no cross-posting please).
-Also see `PEP Editor Responsibilities & Workflow`_ below.

 A PEP editor must subscribe to the <> list.  All
-PEP-related correspondence should be sent (or CC'd) to
+correspondence related to PEP administration should be sent (or forwarded) to
 <> (but please do not cross-post!).
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