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> The documentation already covers that "python -m unittest test_module" 
> usage works only in 2.7+.
> "Changed in version 2.7: In earlier versions it was only possible to
> run individual test methods and not modules or classes."

But the command line help says otherwise:

$ python -m unittest -h
Usage: [options] [test] [...]

  -h, --help       Show this message
  -v, --verbose    Verbose output
  -q, --quiet      Minimal output

Examples:                               - run default set of tests MyTestSuite                   - run suite 'MyTestSuite' MyTestCase.testSomething      - run MyTestCase.testSomething MyTestCase                    - run all 'test*' test methods
                                               in MyTestCase

$ python --version
Python 2.6.6
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