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This issue is to define "PEP editor" (or "PEP editors") in PEP 1 before it is used in the document and to provide certain clarifying information.

In particular, PEP 1 should say whether editorship is an invitation-only status and/or how one becomes a PEP editor.  It would also be good if it said (for transparency) how to go about seeing the current list of editors.

There is also inconsistent singular/plural usage that I think would be good to clear up.  Currently, in many places PEP 1 says "the PEP editor" (singular), so it's not clear if each PEP has its own editor, if there is a single PEP editor for all PEPs at any one time, or if it simply means "the PEP editor that happens to reply to an e-mail to".

PEP 0 also has this issue because its introduction says, "[This] PEP contains the index of all Python Enhancement Proposals, known as PEPs.  PEP numbers are assigned by the PEP Editor, and once assigned are never changed."
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