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Date 2012-11-21.06:03:27
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This issue is to add "buffer protocol" (or perhaps "buffer object") to the glossary.  The concept is currently described here:

Éric initially suggested doing this in the comments to issue 13538.

Such a glossary entry would be useful because the buffer protocol (or buffer object) should likely be cited, for example, wherever a function accepts a bytes object, bytearray object, or any object that supports the buffer protocol.  The str() constructor is one example where this is done:

"Buffer object" might be the more useful term to add to the glossary because it would help to have a briefer way of saying "any object that supports the buffer protocol."  (I'm assuming this is what "buffer object" actually means.)

The patch for this issue should also do a comprehensive review of occurrences of buffer object/protocol throughout the docs and add or update links and index entries where appropriate.
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