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see issue #1161914 for the original script.

> 2) Since we are Pythoneers, why write this script as a
> shell-script instead of a Python script? (sh may not even be
> available on Windows).

python-config is usally not used by python module builds, but third party build systems. When cross-building these packages you usually are unable to run the python interpreter for the target.

Georg, Martin, do you have any opinion if we should replace the python code with shell code (if it works on all targets), or if it should be added as a separate script?

Ray, some issues:

 - is `local' available in all shells? just avoid it.

 - is there a need for the built vs. installed prefix?
   this is logic not found in the python implementation.
   what is this supposed to do?

 - LDLIBRARY and LDSHARED are expressed in terms of Makefile
   macros, leading to syntax errors.

 - --includes doesn't include the plat specific include dir

 - abi flags are missing from the include and lib dirs.

Please recheck, and compare the output of the python implementation with the one of the shell implementation.
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