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HI, Ambroz

Ambroz Bizjak wrote:
> I've applied all patches from py3k-20121004-CROSS.tgz to Python 3.3.0 except 2, 4, and 9 (which didn't apply), but it's not working. After it builds the built in modules, it tries to run the parser generator which was cross-compiled.
3.3.0 was split from head long time before release and I did not spend 
time to check what is actually entered.

About patches :
2: restore graminit.* to source directory
4: restore AST to source directory

After this touch files to avoid timestamp dependencies to launch extra 
build .
You issue was reported and I guess is documented . It is related to 
checkout from repository and to general build process.
I have a shell script to this but in brief script touch in source tree 
following files:
- Include/graminit.h
- Python/graminit.c
- Include/Python-ast.h
- Python/Python-ast.c
- Python/importlib.h

If you decide to build in source tree patch 2 and 4 could be skipped .
Note that listed patches allow user to keep separate builds at same time 
for different platforms. As side effect part of patches could help to 
build with different configuration options.

For one time cross-build users could use following scenario:
1) native configuration, build and installation
2) clean source tree
3) cross build&pack for one platform.
Repeat 2 & 3 for each platform

about 9: pass all top configure arguments to libffi configure to allow 
users to build it properly
It is save to ignore this patch if libffi build is fine for you host 
platform. Otherwise  .... just change setup to use only
config_args = sysconfig.get_config_var("CONFIG_ARGS")
and replace " ".join(config_args) with config_args in command.

For instance I have build for a platform and with filtered "configure 
arguments" build fail. Instead to patch libffi code I prefer from main 
configure command line to control build of libffi.

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