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I think the Package Index (PyPI) documentation would be clearer if the section called "Uploading Packages to the Package Index":

were made a part of the previous section about PyPI (now called "Registering with the Package Index"):

The combined section could then be renamed simply to "The Python Package Index (PyPI)".

Both sections are small and very closely related.  For example, the second half of the section on uploading (the subsection called "PyPI package display") is not actually about uploading but rather about registering and PyPI in general.  Similarly, the second half of the first section on registering (the subsection called "The .pypirc file") applies equally to uploading as it does to registering.

I was affected by the current organization, for example, because it gave the impression that uploading updates the PyPI package display (which is conceivable since PKG-INFO is part of the uploaded files).  Rather, it is registering a version which updates the package display for that version.

A combined section on PyPI would better reflect how things should be understood.
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