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Author mark.dickinson
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Date 2012-11-04.11:00:45
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New patch that fixes the error message for badly typed slice arguments.

Also tweaks a couple of other details:

 - replace Py_GE with Py_GT, Py_LE with Py_LT in the out-of-range comparisons, as suggested by Serhiy;  this also makes it more closely match the Python reference implementation (since max(x, y) and min(x, y) both return x when x and y are equal)

 - make sure exception messages match between the Python reference implementation and the C version.

> Look at compute_slice_indices() in Objects/rangeobject.c.

Will do.  I'm not quite sure I even understand how that code's managing to work at the moment:  I see the Py_ssize_t case, but I don't see the fallback code for the case when things are too large for a Py_ssize_t.
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