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Maybe the OP wanted to get redirected when he reaches a doc page through e.g. Google or a direct link, rather than a bookmark/history/manually-entered URL.  I usually get to the docs via Google, and either pick whatever version comes up, or edit the URL manually.  That might get in the way when users open a link for a specific version and get redirected, so it's not a really good idea.

> If I type 'docs' in Firefox, it gives me choices for the rest of the url

You could even set keywords like 'pydoc' and 'py2doc' without relying on the history, and optionally they could supporting a search term too.

> That would remove the minor annoyance of always ending up at the
> Python 3 documentation and having to switch back to 2.7.

Or you could remove the annoyance by switching your code forward to Python 3 <wink>.
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