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Date 2012-10-31.17:51:12
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> This sounds like wishful thinking to me. Regardless of whether it's
> *better* for a fledgling programmer to learn and improve their English,
> we can still improve Python right now for those who don't master English.

True, but my point is that while this has some short term benefits, it's worse on the long term, and potentially even more confusing.

> That will be true if translations are enabled by default, not if they
> need some explicit configuration switch to be enabled.

They usually are (at least for other tools like mercurial).  I can see OS vendors enabling this by default.

> Well, even technical tools like gcc or Mercurial have translations
> these days (not always very good ones, admittedly, but I don't see
> anyone advocating for these translations to be removed).

Maybe someone advocated for them not to be added? :)

> That's not really a problem. People teaching Python in a language
> other than English can certainly create their own teaching resources
> (and, ideally, share them on the Internet :-)).

Or use the already existing resources found on Internet (mostly in English :))?
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