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Author ezio.melotti
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Date 2012-10-28.08:49:24
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I'm -1 on the idea for the following reasons:

* any "serious" developer is expected to know English, and novice developers should be encouraged to learn it, rather than being confined to a localized environment;
* even if the error messages are translated, all the keywords and names would still be in English, and the result will be even more confusing;
* even if the feature might be useful for a small subset of people, I think it's not big enough and the feature shouldn't be included in Python by default (OTOH I'm not sure how easy it is to provide it as an external module);
* translating and maintaining translations of all the error messages requires lot of work and we will be forced to either commit patches without translations or to hold them until all the translations are available;
* I personally prefer to use English for "technical" stuff, because either the translations keep many English word or they end up translating them with something improbable and result in something that is even more cryptic;
* a set of available languages should be defined and maintained;
* googling and/or reporting localized errors doesn't work too well, and the mechanism proposed in the PEP to restore the language is somewhat cumbersome IMHO;
* people might come across a localized version of Python and have to know how to restore the language before being able to use it;
* this will also make debugging more difficult if it happens in places where the user can't easily change the language (e.g. server logs);
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