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TextTestRunner calls str(TestCase) directly, which makes it hard for testscenarios to rename the test cases as it parameterises them (because __str__ is a descriptor). While testscenarios could use a decorator instead, thats undesirable as the test case object would still need to be customised so that calls to and self.shortDescription() inside it still return consistent information.

So the relevant code is this:
 def getDescription(self, test):
41 if self.descriptions:
42 return test.shortDescription() or str(test)
43 else:
44 return str(test)

What I'd like is to have this be something like:
41 if self.descriptions:
42     return test.shortDescription() or
43 else:
44     return

Which would let testscenarios adjust both shortDescriptions and id, and Just Work.
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