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Author trent
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Date 2012-10-16.20:04:43
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I've figured out what the primary problem is on these platforms: os.stat() returns st_mtime and st_atime values with nanosecond resolution, but without a corresponding utimensat(), we can only affect time with microsecond precision via utimes().

Therefore, the following logic is faulty:

    def _test_utime(self, filename, attr, utime, delta):
        # Issue #13327 removed the requirement to pass None as the
        # second argument. Check that the previous methods of passing
        # a time tuple or None work in addition to no argument.
        st0 = os.stat(filename)
        # Doesn't set anything new, but sets the time tuple way
        utime(filename, (attr(st0, "st_atime"), attr(st0, "st_mtime")))
        # Setting the time to the time you just read, then reading again,
        # should always return exactly the same times.
        st1 = os.stat(filename)
        self.assertEqual(attr(st0, "st_mtime"), attr(st1, "st_mtime"))
        self.assertEqual(attr(st0, "st_atime"), attr(st1, "st_atime"))
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