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Here's the patch against 3.2, hopefully I caught everything I meant to :)

Unfortunately, I can't build Python or the docs on this machine, so I can't guarantee I didn't break anything.  I tried to be careful though, especially with changing linebreaks in the docstrings.

The changes for 3.3+ that don't apply to 3.2 are:
- in PC\winreg.c
  - Change all occurrences of "a WindowsError" to "an OSError"
- in Doc\library\winreg.rst
  - Change "a" to "an" in all occurrences of "a :exc:`OSError`"
  - Consolidate all the ..versionchanged:: 3.3 notes into one at the top (like in Doc\library\msvcrt.rst)

Also, I did make a couple of non-cosmetic informational changes other than on 'res' and 'sam', such as listing the correct default 'access' parameter on a couple of functions (judging by my reading of said functions).


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