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There are several small inconsistencies in the winreg module documentation (docstrings and winreg.rst).  Mostly these are discrepancies between "res" and "reserved", "sam" and "access", and whether or not those two are keyword arguments, but there are some other missing pieces as well.

I'm happy to provide a patch to correct everything, but I'd like a little guidance beforehand.  I have no experience with docstrings in C code, so I've attached a patch that attempts to correct just the CreateKeyEx() docstring.  If it turns out to be ok, I'll go ahead and create a patch fixing the other ones.  I'm comfortable enough with ReST changes that I'll just include those with the final docstring patch.

Also, some of the changes are specific to 3.3+ (due to the WindowsError => OSError change).  Should I provide one patch against default, two against 3.2 and 3.3 (including the 3.2 changes), or two against 3.2 and 3.3 (after a local commit of the 3.2 changes)?  Any of the above is perfectly doable :)


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